1. AutoIt Installation

Blueduck SDA is developed in AutoIt v3 programming language, so you need Autoit v3 installed in order to run BlueDuck SDA scripts.

You can download Autoit from here.

2. Download Selenium RC

  • Download Selenium RC
  • Download and install Java which is required for running Selenium
  • In order to run Selenium tests we need to run Selenium Server which is shipped with Selenium RC. Since it’s a Java program we run it by typing java –jar selenium-server.jar in a console window.

3. BlueDuck SDA Installation

  • Download BlueDuck SDA from SourceForge
  • To start the installation run the installer BlueDuckSDA2.0Beta.exe

Done!!!, we have installed BlueDuck SDA. If you want to see some working examples, please look at the Examples directory.

Configure SciTE



SciTE is a development IDE wich supports syntax highlighting and code completion for Autoit and BlueDuck SDA functions.

In order to have autocompletion for Blueduck SDA you just need to copy au3.user.calltips.api to @Program Files\Autoit3\Scite\api