Working with Object Repositories



This section describes how BlueDuck SDA identifies and manages objects in the System under test.

An object repository is a very essential entity in any functional testing framework. A repository allows a tester to store all the objects that will be used in the test scripts in one or more centralized locations rather than letting them be scattered all over the test scripts.

Object repository

Working with Object Repositories


The Object Repository in BlueDuck SDA is an INI file that has the ability to describe objects in the System under test. The following section describes the INI Schema of the object repository.

INI Object Repository file are simple text files with a basic structure composed of "sections" and "properties".

Each Page in the repository is described within a section in the INI file.
Definition: [Page.PageName]

Each Object in the repository is described within a property. The Object element has three attributes.
Definition: [Object Type].[Object Name] =[Object ID]


Using Firebug and the FirePath tester, which is a separate add-on but integrates with Firebug.

Working with Object

Working with Object Repositories


Now that you created an Object Repository you can use these objects in your Test cases

;Search in Altavista				
$Page = $oRepo.WebPage("Page.AltaVista")
$Page.input.item("search").type("BlueDuck SDA")

Object Types

Working with Object Repositories


This table provides a mapping table between the html element in a webpage and the matching object in BlueDuck SDA.

HTML element Object Methods Properties
<a /> WebLink
<Frame /> WebFrame
<img /> WebImage
<input type=button/> WebButton
<input type=checkbox/> WebCheck
<input type=text/> WebInput
<input type=radio/> WebRadio
<label /> WebText
<select /> WebCombo
<table /> WebTable
All elements, also the ones not mentioned in this list WebElement